Leadership and Hiring Tips For Building a Strong Cybersecurity Team

Sourcing and hiring experienced cyber security professionals has never been more important in today’s business world. It seems stories about hackers, ransomware, and other cyber crime hits the news nearly every day. This scourge remains a major reason why tech pros with SecOps experience remain highly in-demand.

No matter the size of your organization, employing a talented cyber security team is a must. With that in mind, check out this collection of hiring and leadership tips aimed at forging the most talented team at your shop. Your clients and customers will thank you!

5 Tips For Leading A Top Performing Cybersecurity Team

1. Security Needs to be an Important Aspect of The Company Culture

To paraphrase a popular Ford slogan from decades ago: “Cybersecurity is Job 1.” Successfully hiring talented cyber security professionals becomes easier when they understand it’s an important part of your company culture. This approach also helps to retain their services, which is critical when considering their high demand throughout the industry.

2. Focus on Training and Professional Development

Speaking of retention, companies with a strong investment in the training and professional development of their SecOps employees boast improved employee morale. It also makes it easier to attract talented candidates.

Also, note that the cybersecurity world is constantly changing, with new threats arriving regularly. A highly-trained team is able to take a proactive approach to protect your company’s technical assets.

3. Take Advantage of The Latest Analytical Tools

Like other areas of IT, the practice of cybersecurity is largely data-driven. Give your team the latest tools for cybersecurity data analytics to ensure they are more effective at their job. This approach also fits with the point about company culture discussed earlier.

4. Find a Talented Leader For Your Cybersecurity Team

A talented manager for the company’s cyber security team is also a critical component. Either source one from the marketplace or promote an experienced professional already on your team. This manager should boast exemplary communication and people skills and a proactive and dynamic leadership style that inspires their direct reports.

5. Compete to Hire The Best SecOps Professionals

As noted earlier, the competition to hire experienced cyber security professionals remains fierce. While compensation does matter, also offer additional perks like tuition reimbursement, flexible schedules, and remote work. These all play a key role in hiring (and retaining!) the best and brightest.

Looking for Top Talent? We Can Help

If your organization needs advice on building a great SecOps team, talk with the experts at Redbud. As one of the top sources for cyber security professionals in the country, we have talented candidates able to protect your company’s technical infrastructure. Schedule some time with us soon!

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