Soft Skills That Make IT Teams Operate More Efficiently

Of course, technical abilities are vital for any IT pro, especially those in-demand cyber security professionals. However, the technology world is becoming increasingly more collaborative, which requires possessing certain soft skills to truly succeed in the industry. Being able to work with others, learn new technologies, and communicate with clients and coworkers is now critical.

If your company needs an influx of fresh technology talent, it’s important to look deeper into their résumé. With a successful hire in mind, here are a few of the soft skills necessary to find a well-rounded IT or SecOps professional. Leverage this information for a more effective staffing process.

4 Soft Skills That You Need on An IT Team

1. Communication is a Critical Soft Skill in Cybersecurity

Companies increasingly want tech pros with strong verbal and written communication skills. This skill set enables them to effectively interact with clients and customers. When a financial company suffers a hacking incident, being able to project a sense of confidence is critical for any cyber security professional. Excellent listening skills and speaking ability when under pressure help in this regard.

2. Able to Collaborate With Coworkers and Clients

Of course, exemplary communication ability makes it easier to collaborate with both coworkers and clients. The days of the lone-wolf technology professional, crafting solutions by themselves, appear to be over.

With remote work rapidly becoming the new normal, fostering a sense of teamwork and community needs to be a goal of tech managers. As such, employing workers with strong collaboration skills makes it easier to get remote teams working together like they were in the same office.

3. Learning New Things Quickly

The effective practice of cybersecurity requires professionals to quickly learn new technologies. After all, new threats and hacking techniques appear regularly within this field. Companies value employees with the ability to grasp new concepts as fast as possible. A measure of creativity also helps.

4. A Sense of Accountability and Responsibility

Companies trust their cyber security professionals to be accountable for protecting the organization’s technical assets from hackers. This golden rule applies to both employees and contractors working for an external client. As such, HR professionals look closely at whether a candidate has taken ownership of their SecOps work throughout their career. In the end, they only want to hire those professionals with a true sense of responsibility.

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