Cybersecurity Awareness – Why Our Expertise is Important to Every Industry

A significant reason cyber security professionals remain in-demand across multiple industries is expressed in one word: eCommerce. As consumers and businesses increasingly conduct business online, hackers and other cyber criminals are attracted to the scent of all this data. Illicit access to credit card information, Social Security numbers, and more remains big business on the Dark Web.

In this environment, a talented SecOps professional serves as a white knight, protecting technical assets. They also ensure online business transactions happen safely and securely. If you want inspiration to take your cyber security career to another level, check out these reasons why cybersecurity is critical to the modern business world.

4 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Awareness is an Essential Part of Business

1. Cyber Criminals Are Improving Their Hacking Techniques

Talented cyber security professionals with an affinity for learning new things are worth their weight in gold throughout the industry. Why? Because hackers regularly devise new techniques for accessing corporate infrastructures. This situation requires talented SecOps professionals to always stay one step ahead of the cyber criminal element.

2. Increased Visibility From Company Executives

Never mind the CIO or CISO, executives at the very top of the corporate food chain are increasingly paying attention to the practice of cybersecurity at their organization. Incidents of cyber crime tend to be lead items on the nightly news. Bad hacker-related publicity for any company – especially online retailers – raises the risk of customers heading elsewhere for a more secure online shopping experience.

3. Businesses Ramping Up Cybersecurity Training For Their Employees

Forced to look inwards after finding it challenging to source experienced SecOps professionals, companies are beginning to train their current IT employees in the arts of cybersecurity. Still, expect the job market for those with practical experience in this area to remain strong. In the end, there is no substitute for a tech pro with skills honed fighting cyber criminals.

4. A Growing Need For Advocates to Help Foster a Strong Cybersecurity Culture

In addition to providing cybersecurity training for current employees, companies are also fostering an office culture focused on protecting the company data and other technical assets. One of the steps these organizations take is actually training in this area when onboarding new employees. Additionally, they also want to hire SecOps professionals able to serve as a cyber security advocate, essentially as an extension to the CISO role.

Looking to Take the Next Step in Your Cyber Career?

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