What Does Finding Top Tech Talent Faster Save You?

When your company needs tech talent – especially in cybersecurity – the staffing process can be difficult. A recent survey of HR professionals illustrates this fact, showing that nearly 90 percent of the respondents feel it’s challenging. A long, drawn-out hiring effort that ends in failure simply wastes time and resources. Smaller companies without a large HR department also take a productivity hit, with managers directly involved in staffing efforts.

Ultimately, it’s important for companies to source and hire IT security professionals as quickly as possible. Forging a secure technical infrastructure and productive organization simply requires it. As such, let’s look at a few ways to help your company supercharge its staffing process.

Why Your Company Needs to Find Tech Talent Quicker Than Ever

A Global Shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals Exacerbates The Problem

The growth of eCommerce, mobile technology, and the IoT means companies must protect their technical assets and customer data. Because of this, a global shortage of SecOps talent continues. Obviously, finding talented and experienced cybersecurity professionals becomes difficult in this environment.

Finding Passive Candidates Helps When Sourcing SecOps Talent

Consider reaching out to passive cybersecurity talent to fill your company’s needs. Leverage your professional network to source these potential candidates. Remember, they aren’t actively looking for work. So expect to offer a generous salary package and other perks for the best chance of accepting your offer.

Of course, any attempt to hire a passive SecOps candidate needs to happen in parallel with your normal staffing efforts. However, this approach provides an opportunity to hire truly talented professionals. If successful, the savings to your company compared to a regular staffing hire are numerous.

Partnering With an IT Staffing Agency Helps Your Company in a Myriad of Ways

Ultimately, forging a partnership with a tech staffing agency focused on cybersecurity provides many advantages to your organization. First, it greatly streamlines the staffing process. Candidates are vetted ahead of time, lessening the number of interviews and résumé analysis your HR staff needs to perform. If you don’t have a large HR department – all the better – your managers can focus on running the business.

Additionally, when attempting to hire cybersecurity talent, working with an agency experienced in this area is a plus. They understand the skill set and unique terminology while boasting valuable connections within the field. Quickly making a successful hire saves your company in the long run.

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