Passion For The Job: Why Your Career as a Cybersecurity Pro is So Rewarding

If you currently work as a cybersecurity professional, congratulations are in order. After all, there are few tech jobs more needed in the current eCommerce economy. In fact, the demand for your skills and experience isn’t expected to lessen any time soon. Simply keep your skills sharp and watch lucrative opportunities multiply.

Whether you are currently a SecOps pro or considering joining the field, it helps to understand the myriad of benefits. With that in mind, here are some reasons why this tech role is so rewarding. Cybersecurity just might be your career path to success!

Three Reasons A Career in Cybersecurity Keeps Workers Feeling Fulfilled

1. Protecting Technical Infrastructures Against the Nefarious

At its core, cybersecurity involves protecting networks and data against hackers and other cybercriminals. Simply put, it’s truly a case of being the good guys against the bad guys. So finally getting home after a hard day at work makes you feel great about your efforts.

2. Always New Technologies and Techniques to Learn

Hackers tend to be resourceful, regularly devising new techniques to gain access to corporate infrastructures. So a cybersecurity professional always needs to stay one step ahead of this game. As such, it’s reasonable to expect the opportunity to regularly learn new SecOps technologies.

For example, AI is beginning to make inroads into the field. However, don’t worry about losing your job to a bot. In fact, machine learning models help cyber talent more effectively secure networks against these newfangled threats.

3. Keeping Critical Patient Data Secure

Cybercriminals know no bounds when it comes to their targets. Unfortunately, this includes hospitals and patient electronic medical records. Gaining illicit access to this information causes significant risks to privacy or worse. Daniel Berger, a healthcare cybersecurity consultant, added his thoughts on the importance of SecOps in the medical world.

“In 2010, I was simply in the right place at the right time. Cybersecurity was certainly not new, but it had yet to become a priority in healthcare. Over the next decade, I had the opportunity to help hundreds of U.S. hospitals implement the appropriate safeguards to protect the privacy, security, and confidentiality of their patients’ healthcare records. That’s been the most rewarding experience of my career,” said Berger.

Ultimately, it’s easy to see why cybersecurity professionals boast high levels of job satisfaction. It’s a great field for helping others, while also paying lucratively.

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