Closing the Skills Gap: How to Leverage Your Cyber Team’s Talent

The cybersecurity world continues to evolve with extreme velocity. As hackers devise new ways to surreptitiously access corporate servers, SecOps professionals need to keep their skills current. In the end, your company must provide the training and professional development opportunities to prevent a cybersecurity skills gap.

Here are a few ideas on crafting the right training program for your cyber team. Leverage these insights to ensure a skills gap doesn’t also hamper the effectiveness of your employees. Additionally, providing meaningful training means your company stands a much better chance of retaining its in-demand SecOps talent.

A Cybersecurity Skills Shortage Hampers Businesses Across the Globe

The Enterprise Strategy Group and ISSA recently surveyed cybersecurity professionals about the current skills gap within their field. Their findings noted 70 percent of the respondents feel their employer currently suffers from the global skills shortage. Interestingly, nearly half think this gap is worse compared to a few years ago.

Another recent study estimates that over 4 million new tech professionals need SecOps training to close this gap. That number accounts for an increase in the American cybersecurity workforce by nearly two-thirds. Needless to say, this critical issue threatens technical infrastructures across the globe.

Strategies for Addressing the SecOps Skills Gap

Obviously, companies need to take a proactive approach when addressing a cybersecurity skills shortage. Thomas Hatch, CTO and co-founder at SaltStack, noted the importance of considering a wider pool of technology talent for training.

“It is critical to change the way we educate and assess talent. My policy certainly values a formal degree, but I do not hang my hat on it. I want to know what the job candidate knows, and how well they will work. This is all about looking beyond the degree and understanding the many ways that people can gain an education,” Hatch commented.

Companies Must Provide Training and Professional Development

Providing a well-defined career path for cybersecurity professionals remains an essential part of closing any skills gap. Notably, one of the reasons for this is that many current SecOps pros started their tech career outside of cybersecurity. As such, these professionals simply don’t get the right training to keep their skills fresh.

Creating a focused training program covering the latest exploits in the industry becomes essential. Providing other professional development opportunities, including a tuition reimbursement benefit also helps. The latter approach also improves any company’s retention rate.

Building your team?

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