Unable to Find a Cybersecurity Job? How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Even with the strong demand for cybersecurity professionals, you still struggle to find a great position. Of course, simply throwing your résumé around a few online job sites isn’t always an effective approach. Any successful technology job search requires planning, a focused effort, and persistence to attract meaningful job offers.

With a goal of helping you find a rewarding position in a growing SecOps world, here are some insights on optimizing your job search. Learn what mistakes to avoid as well as the right strategies to follow. Expect to soon receive an offer for a lucrative cyber role.

Be Open to Relocation, Travel, and/or Remote Working

Tech professionals open to relocation or traveling simply stand a better chance of landing a rewarding job offer. This rule also applies to those working in cybersecurity. Don’t assume the high demand for your role means finding a job in your region becomes easier.

On the other hand, COVID-19 ushered in a new era of remote working. In fact, many companies are widening their candidate pool as a result. If you are open to working from home with some travel, expect more job offers to come your way. However, demanding a 100 percent remote position might reduce your opportunities. Be flexible.

Craft a Résumé Clearly Highlighting Your Cybersecurity Skills and Experience

If you remain unable to find meaningful work in cybersecurity, your résumé might be the issue. Résumés need to be clear and concise, while detailing your current skills inventory. Make sure the work history section highlights your tangible experience protecting companies’ technical infrastructures from hackers. Use facts and figures to give this section more of an impact on hiring managers.

Grow Your Professional Network

A robust professional network pays dividends for cybersecurity professionals. In addition to offering technical advice, network connections are also a great source for job opportunities. Connect with SecOps pros online or at industry mixers. Once again, your network remains a valuable resource throughout your technology career.

Partner With a Recruiter Experienced in Cybersecurity

Forging a partnership with a cybersecurity recruiter also helps your job search efforts. The best recruiters understand the broader SecOps job market; offering useful advice on where the hottest areas of the country. They also know about new openings before the public at large. Expect to get help on your résumé and interviewing techniques as well.

Looking for a job?

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