3 Tips for Hiring Better Contract Cyber Professionals

When your company needs a cybersecurity professional for a specific project, contracting someone on a temporary basis makes sense. However, if that contractor struggles with the work, your organization is stuck in a bad situation. Ultimately, you need to treat hiring a temp professional in a similar manner as a permanent employee.

With a goal of hiring a talented cyber professional as a temp, here are some tips to ensure success. Matching their skills with the needs of your specific project becomes critical. In the end, following a detailed process helps your organization make the right hire.

Leverage a Broader Candidate Pipeline

Widening your candidate pipeline remains an effective tactic when trying to source cybersecurity professionals. In fact, the growth of remote working in the wake of COVID-19 lets your company consider candidates from outside your region. Contract professionals tend to be willing to travel, so leverage this opportunity to find the talent your organization needs.

Also consider tech pros that recently transitioned into cybersecurity. While they might not boast the experience of a long-term SecOps professional, expect them to still add value to the project team. Their other experiences might also be useful on your initiative.

Use Your Professional Network to Find Experienced Talent

Still, when trying to complete an important project on schedule, finding specific cybersecurity experience becomes paramount. Your company needs to find a veteran SecOps pro with a history of working on similar projects. In this situation, using your professional network to find candidates makes perfect sense.

Consider using social media as well to find cybersecurity pros interested in contract work. Become active on SecOps related forums to connect with talent potentially interested in contract work. Once again, this approach relates to expanding your company’s candidate pipeline to find the right experienced professionals.

Be Prepared to Offer a Generous Contract

Obviously, experienced cybersecurity pros are aware of their status within the tech world. The demand for SecOps talent remains high. As such, be prepared to offer a generous rate to acquire their services. Also consider providing perks, like schedule flexibility, to get them to accept your offer.

Also consider partnering with a technical staffing agency experienced in placing cybersecurity professionals. This extra tip gives you a great chance in sourcing the necessary talent to complete your project.

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