How to Develop a Cybersecurity Culture at Your Organization

Even if your company already employs talented cybersecurity professionals, the entire office needs to follow their lead. After all, every employee must practice the same information security principles to ensure a secure technical infrastructure. In short, the cybersecurity role at any organization doesn’t end with your SecOps team.

With a strong focus on security in mind, here are some ideas on fostering a cybersecurity culture at your company. Make sure everyone follows these concepts, from the executive team to the administrative assistants. Remember, a truly secure office requires everyone to buy into these best practices.

3 Tips to Develop a Strong Cybersecurity Culture!

Leadership Needs to Set an Example With Cybersecurity

When it comes to cybersecurity, your managerial team needs to set the right example for the entire company. For example, it becomes difficult to establish a meaningful culture when executives access the network with an unsecured mobile device. Also, consider these high-level professionals typically have the permissions for critical company data.

Remember, little to no focus on information security brings risk to any business in multiple ways. Don’t let a highly-publicized hacking incident tank your customer base.

If the executive team makes SecOps principles “job one,” this attitude becomes contagious. The rest of your company’s managers follow suit, with their teams also observing these best practices. In the end, this top-down approach is the best means for quickly establishing a cybersecurity culture.

Any Employee is a Potential Security Risk

Not to belabor the point, but every employee might cause a security hole to be exploited by hackers. This is especially the case during this work from home era exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Set strict policies for accessing corporate networks and Cloud services from home. Additionally, work with your employees to properly segregate traffic on their home networks.

Cybersecurity Needs to be Part of Your Onboarding Process

Once a cybersecurity culture gets established at your company, make it part of your onboarding process. This lets new employees understand the importance of SecOps for everyone in the organization. Train them in crafting strong passwords, mobile device management, and data security Add an employee manual section detailing the best practices for the office and when accessing technical resources remotely.

Regular training in the latest cybersecurity innovations – for everyone – is also critical. It’s the best way to maintain a SecOps culture at any organization.

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