Key Cybersecurity Trends Your Team Needs to Address

As with any other technology field, the cybersecurity world is constantly evolving. This means new trends arrive on a nearly annual basis. So keeping your SecOps team aware of these changes is critical for any IT manager. After all, staying one step ahead of the cybercriminals remains the ultimate goal.

With a well-informed cybersecurity team in mind, here are some of the latest trends influencing this technology niche. Leverage this information to better protect the data and technical infrastructures for which you are responsible. In the end, having the right knowledge helps keep the hackers out.

The Growth of AI and Machine Learning in SecOps

AI and machine learning continue to make a transformational impact throughout the technology world. The practice of cybersecurity also benefits from these latest tech innovations. For example, machine learning models are able to detect patterns that help identify hacking activity on networks. In the end, cybersecurity professionals are able to protect networks and data more effectively due to AI.

Working From Home Makes Life More Difficult for Cyber Security Pros

While telecommuting isn’t a new practice, the Coronavirus pandemic greatly increased its use. Companies across the globe enacted work from home policies to keep their employees safe. Of course, employees accessing corporate technical resources from their homes makes protecting technical infrastructures more difficult.

The major cybersecurity role used to involve protecting a network perimeter from unauthorized access. However, in this new environment, a zero trust approach makes more sense. This tactic ensures users, data, and devices are protected no matter their location. Since working from home is likely the new normal, expect zero trust to become a common strategy for cybersecurity professionals.

DevSecOps Becomes More Popular

The DevOps methodology involves teams of software engineers and network personnel focused on collaboration. The ultimate goal of this Agile offshoot is the faster development and deployment of software enhancements. Increasingly, cybersecurity considerations are influencing the practice of DevOps, creating a new moniker, known as DevSecOps.

DevSecOps means security now becomes an important part of the development process throughout the project. As such, cybersecurity professionals must better understand the business and technical considerations of software projects. Ultimately, DevSecOps provides a more effective model; helping to ensure software applications offer a secure experience to users.

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