Tips For Building an IT Résumé That Stands Out

As a cybersecurity professional, you probably enjoy the fact companies want your skills and experience. This high demand for your services means any job search is likely to be a successful one. Still, you need to craft a great résumé that clearly details what you bring to any interested employer.

So here’s a list of useful tips for writing a résumé that stands out from the rest of the candidates. After all, a successful job search requires you to attract interest from hiring managers. Following this advice means a great new cybersecurity position is soon to be yours.

A Clear and Concise Approach is a Must

Hiring managers sometimes deal with over a hundred résumés for an open technology position. Because of this, they only get around a minute or two for an initial glance at your qualifications. This is even the case for SecOps jobs.

So make sure your résumé is clearly laid out, with bullet points highlighting your technical skills. Try to use the hottest keywords to help HR personnel find you using search. Use your cover letter to go into more detail; supporting the content of your CV.

Highlight The Tangible Experience Throughout Your Career

The professional history section of your résumé gives you a chance to show the impact you made for previous employers. Power verbs work well for this purpose. For example: “Reduced unauthorized access to company’s database server farm by 98.4 percent.”

That sentence also illustrates your tangible impact by including a percentage. Use facts and figures in this manner for a more effective résumé. This approach is sure to leave a positive impression on the hiring manager. As a cybersecurity professional, you probably boast many impactful examples throughout your career easily explainable using numbers.

Personalize The Résumé for The Open Position in Question

Following the previous tips makes for a great online version of your résumé. Also, post it on your LinkedIn account. But when applying for a certain position, make it a point to personalize your CV specifically for that job.

Look at the job descriptions and requirements for the open position. Use this information when crafting the examples in your work history; trying to find scenarios matching the company’s needs. Also, emphasize your technology skills in a similar matter. This approach pays dividends whenever you find an IT position of your dreams.

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