Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Cybersecurity Skills Relevant

Don’t let the high demand for cybersecurity professionals give you a false sense of security regarding your career. Ultimately, you need to put in the effort to ensure your SecOps skills stay up to date. This approach requires continued training, experience, and even earning a certification or two.

With an eye on keeping your career on an upwards track, here are some tips on keeping your cybersecurity skills sharp. Leverage these insights to ensure the demand for your services stays as high as possible. Never give a company a reason to look at another candidate.

Regularly Attend SecOps Training Classes

Hackers and cybercriminals keep devising new ways to break into technical infrastructures. This is a major reason any cybersecurity professional must keep their skill set current. Accomplish this by attending cyber security training classes on a regular basis – at least one or two per year.

Use Social Media to Keep Up With the Industry

Following thought leaders in the cyber security world also helps you stay abreast of the changes in the industry. Interacting with fellow cyber professionals provides an opportunity to learn new insights to help your career. If you write well, consider starting a blog to position yourself as a thought leader in your field.

Attend One Cyber Security Industry Conference Per Year

Industry conferences are another great idea for keeping your cyber skills sharp. In fact, many of these events include training sessions to expose you to new techniques for fighting hackers. Additionally, gleaning insights from some of the top minds in the cyber scene provides a great source of inspiration.

Grow Your Professional Network

Conferences also provide a keen opportunity for networking with other professionals in the industry. A professional network provides a valuable resource for technical advice or even a lead on a great job. So, always be on the lookout for an opportunity to add to your network. This approach includes both in-person and on social media.

If You are New to Cyber Security – Get a Mentor

A mentor serves as a useful font of advice when beginning your SecOps career. They also provide you with meaningful insights throughout your professional life. For example, get their opinions on multiple topics related to your career path. This includes their take on the best training courses or what conferences provide the best content.

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