Perfect Your Company’s Cybersecurity Onboarding Process

Successfully onboarding new employees helps them become productive as quickly as possible. It also plays a key role in improving their overall morale. This helps to increase your chances of retaining their services over the long haul. When considering the strong demand for cybersecurity professionals, you begin to understand the importance of your company’s onboarding process.

With professionally satisfied and inspired SecOps employees in mind, here are a few tips for improving your onboarding process. Leverage these insights to help keep your cybersecurity talent in the fold as long as possible. Expect a more productive and protected organization as a result.

A Successful Onboarding Helps Retain Your SecOps Talent

As noted earlier, a successful onboarding process improves your chances of retaining your employees. A recent study illustrates this fact. It shows employees onboarded formally are 69 percent more likely to stay with that company for three years. Keep this data at the front of your mind when crafting your onboarding process.

The Onboarding Process Needs to Introduce New Hires to Your Company Culture

Part of the reason a formal onboarding process improves retention involves introducing new hires to your company culture. Exposing them to your company’s mission, values, and vision fosters the understanding that accepting your job offer was wise.

Ultimately, cultural fit greatly matters when considering the employee satisfaction question. So begin that process on their first day with this portion of your company’s onboarding effort.

Managers Need to Take an Active Role in Onboarding Their New Hires

Another study noted new employees praised the onboarding process over three times as much when their manager was involved. Managers must take an active role in the specific part of onboarding related to the new hire’s job duties. Additionally, when the CISO gets involved, the benefits are even higher.

As part of this approach, provide the new employee some short-term goals to get them engaged in their project work. Interacting with their new coworkers on a few cybersecurity-related tasks also helps foster a sense of team. It benefits any organization with a company culture that thrives on collaboration.

Provide exposure to your company’s technical architecture and technology stack. Also cover your approach to cybersecurity and the specific SecOps procedures and processes currently in practice. Again, the ultimate goal needs to be making the new hire productive as quickly as possible.

Looking for talent?

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