Professionalism in the Videoconferencing Era

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, many tech companies naturally transitioned to a remote working model. In fact, it now appears to be the new normal. This new environment requires organizations to rely on videoconferencing as an important communication channel with employees. Additionally, messaging, email, and voice also grow in importance without the ability to meet in person.

Ultimately, if working remotely in cybersecurity, you need to maintain a professional approach when interacting with clients, coworkers, and bosses. This includes when videoconferencing as well as using those more venerable communication channels. So check out these tips fo

How to Be Professional On Video Calls

r keeping professionalism at the forefront during your post-pandemic communications.

A Well-Appointed Home Office is a Must

When working from home, you need a home office with a door. Don’t risk having a child, pet, or roommate make an appearance on a videoconference with a client. Also make sure your home office looks professional, especially the space within view of the camera. Ultimately, you need an office that lets you focus on your daily duties without distraction.

Unfortunately, not everyone follows this professional approach. In fact, a recent study revealed nearly half of remote employees typically work from their couch or dining room table. So don’t let your choice of home workspace hamper the perception of your professionalism. Once again, a home office with a door is a requirement.

Dress Professionally For Important Videoconferences

The same study also noted that 44 percent of the respondents forego dressing up for virtual meetings. This is likely not a huge issue if your company follows a casual dress code when in the office. However, when meeting with clients at least consider dressing in a business casual fashion.

After all, expect customers to always judge the professionalism of you and your employer. Also take a similar approach with hygiene during any important meeting.

Does Your Employer Track Your Internet Activity When Remote Working?

Pay close attention if your employer leverages User Activity Monitoring (UAM) software to track your productivity when working. In this situation, limit your usage of company-assigned devices to work-related activities. Of course, many companies eschew UAM with remote employees due to trust issues. Nevertheless, always take a professional approach when on company time at home. In the end, it’s good for your career!

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