Cybersecurity is Critical This Summer – Strategies For Keeping Your Team Fully Staffed

Protecting your company’s technical infrastructure continues to grow in importance this summer. Ransomware is the latest type of cyber attack, with the aftereffects of Colonial Pipeline’s incident still in the news. In the end, relentless cybercriminals make it critical for your company to employ a talented and experienced SecOps team.

If your organization finds it difficult to source and hire cybersecurity talent, taking a strategic approach becomes vital. After all, the demand for quality SecOps professionals remains as high as ever. So check out these tips on ensuring your cybersecurity team remains fully staffed now and in the future.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity When Hiring SecOps Professionals

Even with the arduous task of finding cyber professionals, your company still needs to keep its standards high. Simply employing someone who recently earned a SecOps certification but boasts little experience might not be the right approach. Search out candidates with a strong passion for cybersecurity who desire a lifelong career in the field.

While technical skills in cybersecurity remain important, try to source candidates that also possess soft skills. Problem solving, leadership, and excellent communication abilities all serve your company well over time. In short, hiring well-rounded SecOps pros is a must.

Provide Professional Development Opportunities For Your Cyber Staff

Of course, retaining your talented cybersecurity employees also matters when considering your SecOps staffing levels. Like other technology disciplines, SecOps professionals want their employers to provide them with significant professional development opportunities. A robust training program covering the latest cybersecurity practices and techniques becomes critical at this point.

Additionally, offer tuition reimbursement as a benefit to your employees wanting to further their education. Require anyone receiving a tuition perk to agree to stay with your company for a period of time. This policy directly influences the organization’s retention rate in a positive manner.

Partner With an Experienced Cybersecurity Staffing Agency

Working with a technical staffing agency that focuses on cybersecurity professionals definitely improves your company’s staffing efforts. The best agencies maintain a candidate pool of excellent SecOps pros with the skills and experience you need. This kind of partnership allows your company to focus more on running your business and less on perusing résumés. You also save money by improving the efficacy of your staffing process.

Searching for Cybersecurity Professionals?

When searching for a great SecOps staffing agency look no further than the team at Redbud Cyber. As one of the top sources of cybersecurity talent in the country, we provide great candidates to help protect your organization’s technical assets. Schedule a meeting with us at your earliest convenience.

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