4 Ways to Improve Your Virtual Interview Process

With remote working the new normal in the wake of COVID-19, companies increasingly conduct virtual interviews instead of in-person. However, this format requires a different approach to successfully vet the quality of any cybersecurity candidate. In the end, you still need to make the right hiring decision even when not meeting a candidate face-to-face.

Since remote working probably made your SecOps candidate pool larger, the interview becomes even more important. So let’s take a look at a few ways to improve your company’s virtual interview process. Ultimately, making the right choice between equally qualified candidates depends on conducting detailed and meaningful interviews.

Use High-End Equipment for Video Interviews

Remote working might never wane, so expect virtual interviews to become an important part of your staffing process. Because of this, invest in high-end technology for conducting remote interviews. A great camera combined with high-quality microphones definitely helps. Additionally, turn an office into a studio for virtual interviews and employee meetings. Superior technology helps you stay connected to your employees, no matter their location.

One-Way Virtual Interviews are Another Option Worth Considering

In addition to two-way virtual interviews, consider also using the one-way option. In this scenario, candidates record their responses to a few questions from your company. This approach works well as a replacement for an initial phone interview.

Your hiring manager quickly peruses the recorded interviews, identifying the top candidates suitable for a one-on-one virtual meeting. Leverage this technique when an open position receives a large response of candidates. It saves the valuable time of your managers and HR team.

Whatever the Interview Format, You Still Need to Ask the Right Questions

In a similar manner as the in-person format, effective virtual interviews rely on great questions from your interviewer. For a technical position like a cybersecurity analyst, focus on getting the details behind their relevant work experience. Also leverage skill-based questions and tests to truly vet a candidate’s abilities. Use a behavioral line of questioning to determine a candidate’s suitability for remote work if relevant to your open position.

Open-Ended Questions Help You Get to Know a Candidate

Additionally, use open-ended questions to get a feel for a candidate’s personality. This approach matters, as even remote employees need to closely work together as part of a team. Remember, making the wrong hiring decision costs your company significantly when considering staffing, onboarding, and training costs.

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