How to Provide Training and Development for Your Cybersecurity Professionals

The world of SecOps changes on a regular basis, with new technologies and threats always on the docket. This situation makes it imperative you provide your cybersecurity analysts with the right training and professional development. After all, the quality of your cyber team depends on understanding the latest techniques for protecting technical infrastructures.

With a goal of employing a talented, knowledgeable SecOps team, check out these tips on training and professional development. Remember, providing training opportunities also plays a key role in retaining your valuable cyber professionals. Don’t let them leave for another company with better educational resources!

Understand the Cybersecurity Skills Gap in Your Organization

Before developing any SecOps training program, understanding the current cybersecurity skills gap at your company is critical. This knowledge helps you target the course material at the areas that need upskilled among your employees. Eleftheria Papatheodorou, director of training at TalentMLS, commented on the right approach. “Their needs can be assessed via an online survey, or by asking employees and managers directly,” Papatheodorou said.

While your SecOps team remains the likely recipient of advanced cybersecurity courses, don’t ignore the rest of your employees. Your entire staff needs at least some level of cyber training, considering the nature of the risks facing the modern business. Additionally, offer higher-level SecOps courses to your technical teams, especially software developers.

Provide Training Courses That are Easy to Access

Make it easy for employees to take cybersecurity training courses on their own time. Of course, leveraging a Cloud-based resource definitely helps in this regard. This allows them to be trained from their home office if working remotely. No matter the location, provide your employees with a few hours of time each week for training purposes.

Use Tests to Check the Progress of Your Employees

Not surprisingly, tracking the progress of your employee training remains essential. Include testing within the course material to ensure your team actually understands each relevant topic. Another option worth considering involves everyone taking a certification test after completing their classwork. In fact, basing your training programs around cybersecurity certifications makes perfect sense.

Also consider running cyber attack drills before and after any training course. This approach provides another way to track the efficacy of the class material. It also helps your team prepare for any real incident.

Need Help Finding Cybersecurity Talent?

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