How are Data Breaches Impacting Cybersecurity Careers?

With data breaches regularly in the news, you might wonder how these incidents affect your own cybersecurity career. It seems the publicity of cyber crime causes many companies to increase the investment in their SecOps footprint. The current strong demand for cyber professionals also directly reflects on higher spending in this area.

So let’s look more closely at how online attacks impact the careers of you and your cybersecurity colleagues. Perhaps they provide some insights on new attack methodologies; ensuring you receive the required training to combat them? In the end, staying one step ahead of the unethical hackers leads to a rewarding career.

Data Breaches Influencing the Newest Trends on Cybersecurity Careers

A technology industry analyst organization recently published their list of the top trends influencing the cybersecurity world. They provide keen insights on the continued effect of data breaches on SecOps employment.

Notably, they highlighted that a cybersecurity skills gap continues to adversely impact companies across the business world. With news about ransomware and other newer online crime techniques rampant, organizations struggle to hire experienced SecOps talent. This means the demand for cybersecurity pros isn’t expected to wane any time soon.

Analyzing the Latest Cybersecurity Job Statistics

Naturally, this technology industry analyst noted the correlation between data breaches, cybersecurity budgets, and demand for SecOps professionals. Simply stated, more online attacks means higher demand for cybersecurity engineers. Notably, they also predict 4 million unfilled SecOps positions across the globe by the end of this year.

Their analysis highlighted data from recent studies revealing the current struggle to source experienced cyber talent. For example, 70 percent of the surveyed SecOps professionals feel their employer suffers from a cybersecurity skills shortage. Notably, nearly half of tech leaders feel these positions remain the most difficult to fill. Not surprisingly, the current unemployment rate for cyber professionals is expected to stay at zero percent throughout 2021.

Lucrative Tech Career Opportunities Abound

With an unemployment rate of zero, it’s also not surprising the average annual salary for cybersecurity engineers remains high. According to a recent study, cyber engineers earn $140,000 per year on average. Expect demand for this skill set to last throughout the decade. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts Information Security Analyst jobs to increase by 31 percent by 2029. This data means great opportunities abound for both current and future SecOps pros.

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