Even before the COVID-19 pandemic made remote working commonplace, many forward-looking tech employers already followed the practice. Ultimately, the fact most companies maintained productivity levels with a remote workforce means telecommuting isn’t going away. While this transformation allows companies to save significantly on real estate, it also directly influences employee management.

With the goal of fostering a productive remote cybersecurity team, here are a few tips for effective remote working. Leverage these insights to ensure your organization’s technical infrastructure stays protected no matter the location of your SecOps professionals. Ensure your telecommuting employees also take heed of this advice.

Over-Communication Helps Keep Everyone Connected

The lack of personal contact remains one of the biggest disadvantages related to remote working. In this situation, make it a point to over-communicate with your employees. Hold daily team videoconferences so everyone gets to see and speak with each other. Also leverage messaging and chatbots to keep your team connected and productive throughout the workday.

Provide Clear Expectations of Scheduling and Availability

When remote working, your cybersecurity professionals benefit from having clear standards for their schedule and availability. After all, when a cyber attack happens, your team needs to react as quickly as possible. Obviously, that becomes difficult if everyone is away from their home office.

So create schedules for the entire team as far as regular hours as well as any on-call time. Use your daily meetings and other communication channels to ensure everyone understands the current schedule. This is a critical aspect of managing any remote SecOps team.

Don’t Skimp on Building Your Company Culture

Building a welcoming corporate culture matters even more with everyone working remotely. So don’t make every remote meeting all about work. Try to include some fun activities to lighten the mood. Also consider volunteering together in an online charity event to spread good cheer amongst your team. Ultimately, reducing feelings of isolation among your team needs to be the goal.

Make Sure Everyone’s Videoconferencing Tech is First Rate

So your team now depends on videoconferencing as a critical communications conduit. In this situation, make sure everyone has a decent office setup at home, including a good mic and lighting. Help out by reimbursing anyone who needs to purchase equipment for their home office. It’s nearly as important as the quality of their computer.

Need Help Sourcing SecOps Talent?

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