Top Benefits SecOps Professionals Want in a Job

Sourcing experienced cybersecurity professionals remains difficult in the current job market. After all, organizations of all sizes need SecOps talent to help protect their technical infrastructures from cyber crime. So don’t expect this historically high demand for cyber pros to lessen any time soon.

When competing with other companies to hire talented cybersecurity engineers, make sure your organization’s offer resonates with candidates. Of course, a high salary matters, but a generous benefits package also plays a critical role in ensuring your offer is accepted. With that in mind, check out this list of the top benefits desired by today’s cybersecurity pro.

A Flexible Schedule

Like most other tech professionals, flexible scheduling helps cyber pros better balance their personal and professional lives. Granted, when any online attack happens, they typically burn the midnight oil working to mitigate this situation. This extra effort makes it critical to provide the flexibility they need to stay prepared for the next incident. In short, offering this benefit is a must. Raise your chances of an offer acceptance by also providing extra vacation time.

A Generous Health Insurance Package

While health insurance is a traditional benefit provided to employees, companies differentiate themselves with an extra generous package. Including both vision and dental coverage as part of the benefit definitely helps. Also consider covering a higher percentage of health insurance premiums to stand out among other businesses. Providing improved coverage with lower deductibles also helps attract cyber candidates.

A Robust Training and Professional Development Program

SecOps professionals need to continually learn new skills and techniques for combating cyber criminals. As such, they want to work for employers known for their culture of professional development. So providing an exceptional training program along with offering tuition reimbursement is essentially a requirement for hiring the best. Requiring employees stay with your company for a period after receiving tuition help also directly improves your retention rate.

A Profit-Sharing and Retirement Plan

In addition to a generous salary, offering profit-sharing along with a retirement plan also helps improve your employees’ financial standing. In fact, this is another critical differentiator when trying to get a talented cybersecurity candidate to choose your organization’s offer. Providing a 401(k) saving plan with company matching is a must. Also consider awarding annual bonuses based on company profits or meeting certain goals.

Looking To Build Your Team?

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