5 Ways to Improve The Cyber Awareness of Your Company

As online criminal activity continues to increase, the front line of this battle now includes your entire company. This is especially the case with remote working and Cloud-based services now commonplace throughout the tech world. Because of this trend, cyber criminals now enjoy a wide array of targets for their nefarious activities.

Ultimately, fighting this scourge requires your entire organization to boast significant cybersecurity awareness. It’s no longer enough for your SecOps team to be the only employees with this understanding. So check out these tips on how to improve the cybersecurity consciousness of your business.

Strong Leadership Fosters Cybersecurity Awareness

Increasing the cyber awareness of your business starts at the top. When your leadership takes cybersecurity very seriously, this attitude ultimately permeates throughout the entire organization. Everything from effective SecOps policies to leading by example helps improve your company’s cybersecurity footprint.

Identify the Top Cyber Risks at Your Company

Understanding the most critical cyber risks at your business is critical when fostering SecOps awareness. Obviously, if your company switched to remote working, every home network accessing your organization’s infrastructure is a risk. So provide your employees with actionable information on protecting their home networks. Additionally, any organization leveraging Cloud-based services needs to inform staff about the risks of accessing them from mobile devices.

Audit the Risks of All Company Technology Assets

Somewhat related to that last tip, a formal audit of your business’s entire technical infrastructure is also critical. If your company uses IoT devices to monitor remote activity, remember they lack the security of servers. An audit helps find those holes in your company’s overall security footprint. Don’t forego this important task!

Take a Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity Policies

After identifying your business’s top cyber risks, be sure to update any corporate SecOps policies. We previously mentioned your remote employees accessing your network infrastructure from their home network. Define a set of policies to ensure they do so in a protected fashion. Also be sure to consider any regulatory compliance requirements when maintaining company cybersecurity policies.

Be Prepared for Any Cybersecurity Breach

Despite your best SecOps efforts, assume a strong possibility of a data breach at any time. Your organization needs sharply-defined recovery procedures to mitigate any damage caused by a breach. Make sure your entire company regularly tests these procedures so they stay ready for whenever it happens.

Searching For Cybersecurity Professionals?

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