Looking for Security Architects? Here’s What You Need to Know!

With cyber crime a regular occurrence in the news, it’s not surprising the demand for SecOps professionals remains high. Ultimately, a proactive staffing approach helps your company source and hire the cybersecurity talent it needs. Thankfully, remote working in the wake of COVID-19 widened the candidate pool for experienced cyber pros.

If your company is looking for security architects or other cybersecurity leadership roles, here are some insights for your search. Leverage this advice for a staffing process that results in a successful hire. Of course, partnering with an experienced SecOps staffing agency is another valid piece of advice!

A Closer Look at the Security Architect

Security architects are responsible for the big picture when it comes to a company’s cybersecurity footprint. They try to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals by understanding the latest online threats and hacking techniques. Protecting an organization’s technical infrastructure while still achieving high performance is their ultimate job goal.

They help your SecOps team monitor network activity; looking for any suspicious patterns and anything else identifying cyber crime. The best security architects remain proactive; keeping their finger on the pulse of the latest industry regulations. In addition to cybersecurity acumen, strong interpersonal skills are also critical. After all, most working in this job role manage a team of other SecOps professionals.

Tips for Hiring Talented and Experienced Security Architects

When perusing the résumés of security architect candidates, be sure to look for certain certifications. These include the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), the CISM, and of course, the industry standard CISSP. Also look for relevant experience in a SecOps leadership or managerial role. A career path illustrating successively higher levels of responsibility is also important.

Of course, the interview gives your team the best opportunity to vet a security architect candidate’s skills and experience. Asking a pointed question about how to detect security weaknesses in a company network offers some insights. Try to look for someone with more creativity than a candidate giving a typical answer, like penetration testing.

The cybersecurity landscape constantly changes, and your organization needs someone with the foresight to future proof your infrastructure. Include other open-ended questions on the tangible experiences on their résumé. Also frame a few questions on their leadership and managerial skills. Remember, this is a senior-level position!

When you need help finding talented SecOps professionals, connect with the team at Redbud Cyber. As one of the top cybersecurity staffing agencies in the country, we provide exceptional candidates to protect your company’s IT assets. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your hiring needs.

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