Tips For Building a Remote Cybersecurity Team

In this current environment, some or all of your cybersecurity engineers probably work from their home offices. COVID-19 made remote working the new normal throughout the business world. At the same time, companies struggling to source and hire experienced SecOps professionals now benefit from wider candidate pools. Still, successfully running a remote cybersecurity team requires a focused effort from managers.

What follows are a few tips on properly building a remote SecOps team and engaging these cyber professionals. Leverage these insights to foster collaboration and teamwork among your staff, no matter their location. It’s the right strategy considering their critical role in protecting your organization’s IT infrastructure.

Recruiting SecOps Professionals Remotely

As noted earlier, one benefit derived from remote working relates to larger candidate pools for in-demand tech positions. Of course, this includes cybersecurity professionals, which remain difficult to hire in the current job market. Still, your HR team needs to follow a few strategies for the best shot at a successful hire.

Invest in professional-quality video and audio equipment to conduct remote interviews. If your company already took this step to facilitate remote meetings, take advantage of this investment. It’s important to put your best foot forward to convince a talented SecOps pro to join your team. Taking an amateurish approach simply won’t work in this case.

Treat remote interviews the same as their in-person equivalent when it comes to vetting a candidate’s skills and experience. Probe deeply into their relevant work history, especially with emerging SecOps models like zero trust. Focus on determining their level of self-motivation, which is a critical factor for remote employees. Consider using an online testing service to truly verify their cybersecurity knowledge.

Fostering a Virtual Company Culture Focused on Teamwork

Communication becomes even more critical when managing a remote cybersecurity team. Hold regular team meetings, leveraging the company equipment mentioned earlier. Also take advantage of the latest tools used for collaboration. Keeping your entire team on the same page needs to be your goal.

Make sure everyone understands their responsibilities, especially when it comes to handling any network breaches. A chain of command helps ensure nothing gets missed whenever issues arise. Again, strong communication – verbal, messaging, video – lies at the heart of this approach. Ensure each cyber team member truly feels a part of the team. Managers play a critical role in fostering this kind of virtual culture.

Searching For Top Cybersecurity Talent?

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