Upskill Your Current Staff or Hire New Talent? An Important Question

When trying to handle a cybersecurity talent shortage at your business, a critical question typically arises. Do you provide SecOps training to your current employees or simply source and hire new candidates? Of course, the continued high demand for experienced cyber professionals makes upskilling an easier choice in many cases.

With a goal of preventing a cybersecurity skills gap at your company, check out these upskilling pros and cons. Use this information to inform your staffing plans now and in the future. In the end, a mixture of training and new hires just might provide the best solution for you.

Upskilling Your Current Employees in Cybersecurity

Any single employee might be the weak point allowing a cyber attack on your company’s technical infrastructure. This remains the major reason to provide SecOps training to your entire staff. Cybersecurity awareness across the organization plays a key role in protecting all corporate IT assets. Relevant training topics include creating strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, and recognizing phishing emails.

At the same time, your technical staff needs even more rigorous training. This is especially the case with developers and network administrators. Your company’s internal software and network are the front line in your SecOps defenses. Ensure these employees get the right training, even to the point of earning a certification.

The Additional Benefits of Upskilling

Investing in the professional development of your employees by upskilling them in cybersecurity provides other important benefits. Simply allowing them to improve their skill set boosts employee morale and subsequently their productivity. Considering the importance the modern tech employee places on receiving training, expect your company’s retention rate to also improve. Ultimately, it’s the right approach for boosting your SecOps posture and helping retain your talent.

Upskilling Doesn’t Replace the Need For Experienced SecOps Talent

While providing your employees with cybersecurity training remains a great idea, you still likely need experienced SecOps professionals. Unfortunately, with the demand still high, expect a difficult search process for the cyber talent your company needs. While remote working widens your candidate pool, the competition remains fierce.

In this scenario, partnering with a staffing agency focused on cybersecurity professionals makes perfect sense. The best agencies provide the talented candidates you need to protect your organization’s tech infrastructure. They already vet any candidates; helping to streamline your company’s staffing process.

Hiring For SecOps Positions?

When searching for an experienced cybersecurity staffing agency, look no further than Redbud Cyber. As one of the top SecOps hiring firms in the country, we provide the talented candidates your organization needs. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your needs as soon as possible.

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