Cybersecurity Job Openings Abound! Finding The Best Fit For You

If you currently enjoy a rewarding career as a cybersecurity engineer or analyst, know that your services remain in demand. Lucrative opportunities abound, and with remote working the new normal, companies from all over America want to employ you. This historically high demand also makes it the right time for technology professionals interested in joining the SecOps trade.

However, ensuring a successful job search requires planning and persistence. After all, you want to find the opportunity providing the best fit for you and your career growth. So let’s look more closely at the burgeoning cybersecurity job market as well as strategies for getting hired.

Nearly 500,000 Thousand Available Cybersecurity Jobs!

Earlier this year, a technology job tracking service from the U.S. Department of Commerce reported 465,000 open SecOps positions. Of course, with news about cyberattacks a regular occurrence, these jobs need filled as quickly as possible. Expect this historical demand for talented cybersecurity professionals to remain strong into 2022 and beyond.

Note that this data shows most of these opportunities are located in California, Texas, Florida, and Virginia. Still, with remote working commonplace, companies are increasingly open to telecommuting candidates to fill these positions. In fact, SecOps professionals with significant experience need to demand remote employment as a job benefit.

Interested in Entering The Cybersecurity Field?

Tim Herbert, vice president for research at CompTIA, commented on taking advantage of these opportunities when new to cybersecurity. “You don’t have to be a graduate of MIT to work in cybersecurity. It requires someone who has the proper training, proper certification and is certainly committed to the work,” said Herbert. Current technology professionals need to consider earning a relevant SecOps certification, like a Security+ or CISSA, to become qualified.

Strategies For Your SecOps Job Search

Whether you just earned a cybersecurity certification or already boast experience in the field, you first need a résumé. Post your CV on a few online job sites and LinkedIn to attract interested companies. After earning an interview, be sure to practice to ensure an exemplary performance.

However, a partnership with an experienced SecOps staffing agency gives you the best chance at earning a job offer. They help with your résumé and interviewing techniques. Some agencies even know about open positions before the rest of the job market.

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