The Cybersecurity Skills That Make Your Best Employees Tick

When your company needs an influx of SecOps talent, understanding the most critical skills helps you better vet candidates. After all, never begin any tech staffing effort without a thorough understanding of the open position you need to fill. Also remember that in an everchanging industry, this information changes on a regular basis.

With making a successful hire in mind, here are the top cybersecurity skills you need to identify in candidates. Leverage this information to ultimately protect your company’s technical infrastructure from cybercriminals and other nefarious online actors. In a difficult job market, this information provides the hiring insights your organization needs.

A Deep Understanding of Operating Systems

Cybersecurity professionals typically work with various operating systems throughout their career. Their position requires them to boast a deep understanding of each OS. Make it a point to verify a candidate’s knowledge of the platforms in use at your company. When it comes to Linux, ensure they know the subtle differences between various distros.

An Exposure to Common Programming Languages

While a SecOps pro might lack senior-level programming skills, exposure to some of the popular languages remains helpful. You never know when these skills come in handy, especially when determining the nature of a new cyber threat. Make it a point to ask about any programming experience during the interview.

Exemplary Work Habits Are Essential

Considering the growing importance of the cybersecurity role in business, all your SecOps professionals need top-notch work habits. A willingness to be ready to react to any cyberattack whenever it happens is a must. Ensure everyone on your team works hard while also thriving on teamwork and collaboration. Ultimately, protecting technical infrastructures requires the entire cybersecurity team.

Staying Abreast of The Latest Changes in Cybersecurity

As noted earlier, the cybersecurity world evolves as new threats arrive and fresh techniques for combating them get developed. Any SecOps professional must pay attention to these regular changes. They also need to understand any new privacy and cybersecurity regulations.

Don’t Forget About Soft Skills!

In addition to technical acumen, any quality SecOps pro must also possess a few soft skills. Strong verbal communication skills facilitate interaction with clients, cyber team members, and other coworkers. Being able to explain complex concepts simply definitely helps their job performance. Additionally, leadership and problem solving skills are also valued among cybersecurity analysts.

Looking For A Job?

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