Avoid These Basic Hiring Mistakes Other Companies Are Making

Your company needs a proactive staffing process, especially when sourcing certain in-demand technology positions, like cybersecurity pros. The changes ushered in by the Coronavirus pandemic transformed the process of IT staffing, including increased remote working. Because of these changes, some companies now make significant mistakes hampering their SecOps hiring efforts.

So let’s look more closely at what mistakes organizations make when trying to source cybersecurity talent. Use this information to make relevant modifications to your company’s technology staffing process. After all, protecting your organization’s critical IT assets requires a talented group of SecOps professionals.

Not Right-Sizing Their Cybersecurity Teams

A recent survey of SecOps professionals reveals some of the critical mistakes companies make when hiring cybersecurity talent. One example is they just don’t hire enough of it. The ISSA survey noted 57 percent of respondents feel their employer suffers from a cybersecurity skills shortage. Numerous unfilled positions leads to burnout among existing staff, making it difficult to retain these current SecOps employees.

Candy Alexander, board president of ISSA International, commented on how the pandemic contributed to this difficult situation. “The impact, especially this past year of the pandemic, has been significant. Teams are expected to do even more as a result of businesses moving to the remote operating model,” she noted.

Remote employees widened the network perimeters of many businesses, causing extra hours for their cyber teams. All this additional work contributes to the increased reports of burnout within the industry.

Companies Not Offering Competitive Salaries

Nearly 40 percent of the ISSA survey respondents felt their companies offer cybersecurity candidates less than generous salaries. This is an obvious mistake, especially when considering the strong demand for SecOps professionals. Organizations must make competitive offers to successfully make a hire.

Executives thinking cybersecurity is a cost, instead of a critical ITOps function, probably leads to these low offers. Ensuring the boardroom understands that cyberattacks threaten the entire business, not only their technology assets, is critical. This approach leads to them making an improved investment in SecOps as an important business function.

HR Teams Don’t Understand Cybersecurity Technology

Survey respondents also noted that their HR teams lack enough understanding of SecOps and its relevant terminology. This leads to an inability to determine the best candidates out of a set of applicants. Additionally, some job descriptions are filled with either inaccuracies or unrealistic requirements.

Hiring SecOps Talent?

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