Does Your Company Culture Welcome or Alienate Innovators?

Any technology employer needs a company culture that values innovative IT talent. After all, in a tech job market favoring candidates, sourcing the exceptional candidates you need becomes difficult. Considering the strong demand for cybersecurity professionals, even retaining your current SecOps staff partly depends on your office culture.

In the end, building a culture that champions innovation makes it easier to hire and retain technology employees. So here are a few tips on how to forge a culture of innovation at your company. Leverage these helpful ideas to prevent a technical skills gap from ever hampering your business’s growth potential.

Empower Your Cybersecurity Employees to Innovate

The SecOps world thrives on innovation. This approach is a requirement, as the cybercriminal community regularly devises new threats for attacking technical infrastructures. So give your cybersecurity engineers the freedom to find innovative solutions for protecting the company’s IT assets.

AI and machine learning remain the next frontiers of SecOps innovation. So be sure your organization provides meaningful training opportunities in this area for its cybersecurity professionals. This approach provides the state of the art knowledge they need for innovative solutions for cyber protection.

Use Metrics to Track The Effectiveness of SecOps Innovations

Ensure your company understands the impact made by adopting a more innovative approach to SecOps. Leveraging tangible metrics definitely helps in this area. Work with your ITOps staff to source tools able to track network performance, if not already using them. Information on a reduction of cyber threats offers the proof your company needs to continue to champion innovation.

Let Innovation Make an Actionable Impact

Don’t treat innovation as a laboratory conceptual effort. When one of your cybersecurity engineers discovers a new technique for fighting unethical hackers, put their work into production. Seeing the actionable impact of their innovative research also inspires everyone to make a similar effort. Ultimately, this approach plays a key role in forging a true culture of innovation.

An Innovative Culture Requires Learning From Any Mistakes

Giving your technology professionals the opportunity to innovate means that mistakes sometimes get made. However, when you want cybersecurity professionals innovate, they need to feel secure with that power. So punishing anyone for a mistake rarely works in the long run. Treat each incident as another opportunity to learn. This freedom also helps build that innovative culture your company needs.

Looking for Top Cybersecurity Talent?

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