Is Your Company Culture Helping Attract Top Cybersecurity Talent?

In a difficult job market, companies find it hard to attract the technology talent they need for success. This is especially the case with certain in-demand positions, like cybersecurity engineers. While wider candidate pools in the wake of COVID-19 help, successfully making a hire requires a focused staffing process.

Additionally, company culture remains a critical differentiator for talented SecOps candidates deciding between two lucrative offers. Does your organization provide a welcoming culture known for professional development and technical excellence? It definitely makes a critical difference. So let’s look more closely at the impact of culture on any effective cybersecurity staffing process.

Sourcing Cybersecurity Talent in a Candidates Market

As noted earlier, the current tech job market is one favoring the candidates looking for work. At the same time, multiple studies note the cybersecurity skills gap hampering businesses’ ability to protect their technical infrastructures. One study also notes fewer than 20 percent of tech security managers feel there’s enough cyber talent out there.

Because of this, the top SecOps professionals typically have the opportunity to choose between multiple competing job offers. For a successful hiring effort, your organization must advertise its well-considered corporate culture throughout the entirety of the staffing process.

A Streamlined Hiring Process Attracts SecOps Candidates

The top technology candidates only stay on the market for a few weeks at the most. So provide your targeted cybersecurity candidates a good first impression of your company with an efficient staffing process. Treat each candidate professionally, while also highlighting aspects of the corporate culture on your website and in job ads. Providing a few quotes from senior leadership on the importance of SecOps definitely helps.

Also don’t bog down the process with too many interview rounds. You might discover your top candidate accepted an offer from another company with a more efficient staffing process. Speed is of the essence!

A Company Culture That Takes Cybersecurity Seriously

Not surprisingly, SecOps professionals tend to be attracted to companies where cybersecurity is ingrained into the corporate culture. A recent (ISC)² Hiring and Retaining Cybersecurity Talent Report reveals this truth. The report noted over half of all SecOps candidates ignore ads from companies that don’t take cybersecurity seriously.

So make it a point to advertise the fact your company focuses on protecting its technical infrastructure. Your ability to successfully source and hire the SecOps talent you need depends on it!

Looking For SecOps Employees?

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