Management Skills You Need to Lead a Top Cybersecurity Team

After working a few years as a successful cybersecurity engineer, you want to move into a managerial role. Becoming a technology manager remains a great way to keep your career on an upwards path. Still, honing a few specific leadership skills helps you thrive in a role in SecOps management.

With a goal of succeeding in a position as a cybersecurity team manager, here are a few useful tips. Leverage these insights to lead a team of talented SecOps professionals protecting your employer’s technical infrastructure. Perhaps a position as a CISO awaits you in the future?

Here Are 3 Management Skills You Need to Lead a Top Cybersecurity Team

Forge Relationships With Your Direct Reports

The best technology managers stay proactive when it comes to building relationships with their team members. This approach includes maintaining an open communication policy. Hold regular team meetings as well as one-on-one discussions with each direct report. Keeping everyone on the same page is critical when working in SecOps.

When your company follows a remote working model, you need to work extra hard to keep everyone engaged. This is especially the case if various team members are located in different time zones. It’s a scenario requiring you leverage both text messaging and video conferencing to build relationships.

Give Your Team Tangible Goals For Success

Provide the entire team, as well as each cybersecurity professional, the goals they need to be successful. Offer constructive feedback throughout the year; never wait for an annual review. This approach becomes easier when you hold regular meetings with everyone, as noted earlier.

Use tangible metrics to track employee performance as well as their status towards achieving their goals. Pay close attention to how well they react during any cyber attack or other related incidents. You want SecOps professionals that stay calm and think on their feet when under pressure.

Manage Your Own Stress

Cybersecurity managers carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. At times, situations easily become very stressful. Make sure you take steps to handle your own stress. Consider meditation sessions and breathing exercises to keep your mind clear and focused.

Additionally, pay attention to signs of burnout among your direct reports. Encourage them to use their vacation time to recharge their batteries. Offer advice on exercise and meditation to keep their stress levels as low as possible.

Looking to Build your SecOps Team?

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