Data Privacy is a Discipline All Employees Should Embrace

Data privacy remains a critical reason companies invest in strong cybersecurity protection. Notably, some tech pundits predict more organizations to champion data privacy as a separate function in parallel with SecOps. Forging a corporate culture focused in this area ultimately requires buy-in from every employee, including non-technical staff.

So let’s take a closer look at the growing importance of data privacy; highlighted by increased regulatory compliance requirements. With many cyberattacks targeting corporate and customer data, it remains a vital part of any business’s SecOps posture. Ensure your business takes the protection of its data seriously before becoming a target of cybercrime.

Data Privacy Becomes a SecOps Focus in The Business World

A spate of cyberattacks exposing customer data highlighted news broadcasts over the past few years. Unethical hackers leverage the personal information found in this data for a variety of nefarious purposes. As a result, corporate attitudes towards data privacy gained an even higher focus.

Faced with this critical situation, many businesses developed separate corporate programs aimed at data privacy, as noted above. This new business structure places data privacy on an equal footing with other SecOps teams. Many organizations also created Chief Data Privacy Officer (CDPO) or Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) roles providing executive leadership. It ultimately illustrates the importance of this issue to the corporate world.

Every Employee Must Play Their Role in Protecting Data

The leadership role served by a CDPO becomes even more important when emphasizing data privacy to their organization. In fact, every employee serves on the front lines of this battle to protect critical technical assets, including data. After all, the move to remote working places each employee’s home network on the company’s network perimeter.

As such, it’s now vital for the company to provide all employees cybersecurity training, including securing home WiFi networks. Additionally, a rigorous mobile device management (MDM) policy is another must. Remember, each unsecured smartphone with access to the corporate infrastructure puts its data at risk.

Ensure the company’s CPO understands the need for well-defined programs on MDM and securing home networks. They also need to work closely with the CISO to develop plans aimed at protecting every corporate technical asset. Assessing the company’s current SecOps and data privacy ultimately provides a baseline for these necessary improvements.

Looking For Cybersecurity Professionals?

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