How is Remote Working Impacting Cybersecurity Teams and Their Companies?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it appears remote working is a new standard for companies of all sizes. Organizations now benefit from wider candidate pools when struggling to recruit experienced cybersecurity professionals. After all, businesses no longer need to limit their staffing reach to their local area.

Still, cybersecurity teams working remotely require a proactive managerial approach, especially with the risk to Cloud-based infrastructures. Keeping your teams focused and engaged sometimes becomes difficult with everyone located elsewhere. Still, many companies report increased productivity from employees no longer saddled with long commutes to the office. So let’s look more closely at the impact of remote working on the practice of cybersecurity.

Remote Working Places More Emphasis on The Cloud

Simply stated, the advent of COVID-19 forced most information-based businesses to quickly transition to a remote working model. However, some companies easily switched to this new normal due to being early adopters of Cloud-based services. Either scenario saw increased use of the Cloud with businesses depending on keeping remote staff tethered to their work.

Unfortunately, some companies rushed their Cloud migrations, foregoing industry best practices for SecOps. Not surprisingly, these organizations found their new Cloud-based technical infrastructures to be at risk of cyberattack. This situation requires giving their cybersecurity teams the freedom to reassess the current state of the company’s technical infrastructure. Additionally, this widespread switch to remote working also creates more opportunities for third-party cybersecurity service providers.

Finding Experienced Cybersecurity Professionals Becomes Easier

As noted earlier, an increase in remote working widens the candidate pools for organizations struggling to recruit SecOps talent. Ultimately, providing a culture focused on data security as well as significant professional development opportunities helps get offers accepted. Remember, the demand for experienced cybersecurity talent continues to increase, especially with remote working now commonplace.

Building a SecOps team with cyber pros located across the globe also provides coverage throughout the day. Of course, any organization needs a proactive approach to keep remote workers engaged, including their cybersecurity teams. Just ensure their managers strive to make remote staff truly feel part of the team.

Partner With an Experienced SecOps Staffing Agency

If you still find it difficult recruiting cyber professionals, partner with a staffing agency focusing on SecOps. It’s the best way to ensure your company maintains a strong cybersecurity posture.

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