Data Security: What Companies Are Doing to Stay Ahead

The need for nearly all businesses to protect their corporate and customer data remains paramount. After all, unethical hackers desire this data and regularly exploit weak SecOps footprints to steal it for nefarious purposes. For this reason, companies invest in ensuring their technical infrastructure maintains a strong posture focused on data security.

Ultimately, your organization benefits from understanding the current best practices when it comes to data security. So leverage these useful insights on protecting your business data from cyber criminals. Don’t risk the bad publicity and financial losses of a successful theft of your company’s data!

The Corporate Network Perimeter Now Reaches The Home Office

It appears remote working is here to stay. Because of this fact, a company’s network perimeter now includes the home office of each remote employee. As such, your organization must take a proactive approach to data security for employees working from home.

Make sure your staff understands how to protect their home networks. Also require them to leverage strong passwords and multi-factor authentication for an extra layer of protection. Also ensure the company’s mobile device management policies include data security considerations.

Make Sure All Employees Share a Sense of Ownership For the Company Data

Still, all the well-intentioned policies in the world offer little data protection without buy-in from your employees. So make it a point to emphasize the critical nature of data security when working from home. Involving them in the process of defining the organization’s SecOps policies helps engender this sense of ownership. Also regularly remind them of the important role they play in the company’s overall security footprint.

Effective communication from your company’s leadership ensures each employee receives the messaging on data security. Again, your managers must take a proactive approach for the most impact.

Don’t Let Your Organization Suffer From a SecOps Skills Gap

Considering the tight job market for experienced cybersecurity professionals, your business most focus on preventing a SecOps skills gap. Make sure each employee receives basic cybersecurity training, beyond the information provided in protecting their home networks. Also, focus your staffing efforts on sourcing and hiring talented cyber professionals to join your organization.

Consider partnering with a cybersecurity staffing agency to keep your candidate pipeline filled with SecOps talent. It’s part of a wide-ranging approach towards data security at any business.

Looking For SecOps Professionals?

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