Prepare Your Cybersecurity Team For These Emerging Trends

In a similar manner as the entire technology world, the practice of cybersecurity evolves on a regular basis. As new cyber threats emerge, SecOps teams must adapt, ensuring the protection of the technical infrastructures under their responsibility. Staying abreast of the latest cybersecurity trends becomes essential in keeping these teams one step ahead of cyber criminals.

With a goal of preparing your company’s cybersecurity team for future cyber-attacks, check out these current SecOps trends. Use this information to improve your staff’s knowledge and efficiency; enabling them to quickly react to any adverse event. It’s ultimately the right approach for any modern business that depends on the Internet.

3 Emerging Trends your SecOps Team Needs To Be Aware Of

1. Ransomware Attacks Become More Sophisticated

The threat of a ransomware attack strikes fear into both businesses and governmental agencies. These types of attacks essentially shut an organization down until the ransom gets paid. A recent study reported a successful attack costs the victim nearly $5 million on average.

Cyber criminals using ransomware are becoming more sophisticated. They increasingly use extortion-based attacks where they encrypt an organization’s data. The most common threat vector tends to be phishing emails. Cybersecurity teams need to consider using a zero-trust network access as protection against ransomware. Training all employees to recognize phishing attacks is another must.

2. AI and Machine Learning Helping in Cybersecurity

AI and machine learning remain transformational technology innovations making a positive impact across the business world. In fact, they are also helping cybersecurity teams protect companies’ technical assets more efficiently.

One area AI makes a crucial difference involves automating certain repetitive tasks performed by cybersecurity engineers. It especially helps in analyzing the massive amounts of network data related to cyber threats. This also frees up a cyber team to focus more on value-added tasks, ultimately making them more efficient.

3. Cyber Attacks on Cloud Services Continue to Increase

Another critical cybersecurity trend is the increased number of attacks on Cloud-based services. More companies migrating their technical infrastructures to the Cloud makes an attractive target for unethical hackers. With remote working now commonplace, employees access these services from their home networks, creating a dangerous scenario.

Businesses must take a proactive approach to protect the home networks of their remote staff. Leveraging zero-trust network access, as mentioned earlier, helps somewhat. But also ensure your employees understand how to create strong passwords for their home WiFi networks.

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