Make Cybersecurity Hygiene a Business Priority in 2022

A strong focus on cybersecurity remains essential for any business in 2022. After all, stories about cybercrime still make a regular appearance on the evening news. Ransomware provides yet another example of a cyber-attack that potentially shuts down any organization, commercial or government. Taking a proactive approach to SecOps becomes essential in this environment.

Simply stated, your company needs to make cybersecurity hygiene a critical business priority in 2022 and beyond. This is especially the case when employing a remote staff, as securing access to your Cloud infrastructure becomes vital. With SecOps protection in mind, check out these tips for improving your business’s cybersecurity footprint.

Leverage Cybersecurity Automation to Improve Protection

Using an automated approach for certain repetitive cybersecurity functions makes your organization’s SecOps processes more efficient. Additionally, automation lets your cyber staff focus on more value-added tasks, such as when determining the cause of a breach.

In the end, cybersecurity automation provides significant cost savings for businesses. A recent analysis from IBM revealed data breaches cost companies without automation $3.58 million more than those using it. The benefits of this approach remain numerous, so consider adding automation to your SecOps infrastructure.

Provide Cybersecurity Awareness to All Your Employees

Simply stated, all of your employees need to fully understand the concepts of cybersecurity protection. This includes your entire organization: business analysts, administrative assistants, the executive team, and your tech staff. A proactive approach to cybersecurity hygiene means your SecOps team aren’t the only ones with this knowledge.

With remote working now commonplace, your employees might access your Cloud-based IT assets from their home network or smartphone. They need to use multi-factor authentication and also know how to craft a strong password. Everyone needs to understand how to recognize threats, like a phishing email or a suspicious looking URL. Provide a robust training program to your employees covering the best practices of cybersecurity.

Ensure Your Company’s Software and Hardware Assets Get Updated Regularly

Outdated software and even hardware remain critical risks when considering your business’s SecOps footprint. Any cybersecurity hygiene program needs to include regular auditing of all software and hardware assets. As part of this effort, ensure your cyber team performs updates on a regular basis. Obviously, this includes any antivirus and antimalware programs in use at your company.

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