A Distributed Workforce Increases The Need For Cybersecurity Professionals

The advent of remote working effectively expanded the network perimeter for businesses of all sizes. Essentially the home network of each remote employee now needs protection against unethical hackers and other nefarious online agents. This need greatly increased the demand for talented cybersecurity professionals with significant experience in this area.

Considering the tight job market for technology talent, companies must leverage a proactive approach to successfully recruit SecOps pros. Your organization also needs to make generous offers, including strong salaries combined with a robust benefits package. So let’s take a closer look at a few insights related to this trend of a distributed workforce.

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Remote Working Leads to a Fast Transition to the Cloud

When COVID-19 struck, companies faced a dilemma when lockdowns required businesses to quickly close their physical office space. While some businesses already invested in migrating on-premises technical infrastructures to the Cloud, not all companies enjoyed this foresight. These organizations migrated their IT assets as quickly as possible, allowing employees access to company applications from home.

We previously mentioned the risk unsecured home networks add to any business’s SecOps footprint. However, their newly implemented Cloud infrastructures might also be targets if the migrations happened in a haphazard fashion.

This scenario requires businesses to employ enough cybersecurity professionals to ensure sufficient protection of their Cloud-based services. A well-considered strategy for cyber protection in the wake of remote working is a must. In short, don’t let any SecOps vulnerabilities fester due to a Cloud migration that happened too fast.

With Remote Working Home Networks Become the Front Lines of Cybersecurity

Again, your business must take seriously the cyber protection of the home networks of your remote staff. Engage your SecOps team in crafting a set of cybersecurity guidelines for your employees to follow. Requiring multi-factor authentication when accessing the organization’s Cloud-based infrastructure is a must. Also offer advice on crafting strong passwords for their home network and WiFi router. Additionally, work you’re your cybersecurity professionals to develop a strong mobile device management policy.

Streamline Your Company’s Staffing Process to Successfully Source SecOps Pros

A streamlined staffing process plays a crucial role in sourcing the necessary cybersecurity talent to protect a distributed workforce. Reducing the time from résumé analysis to interviewing to the final decision is critical. Partnering with a staffing agency focused on SecOps also helps!

Looking For SecOps Talent?

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