4 Ways to Protect Your Business From Cyber Threats

Of course, stories about various cyber attacks appear in the news on a regular basis. This situation remains one reason for the strong demand for talented and experienced cybersecurity professionals. With remote working now commonplace, businesses now boast an expanded network perimeter requiring a more vigilant SecOps approach.

In the end, companies need a proactive strategy to protect their technical infrastructures from cybercriminals. The risks of a data breach or other cyber threats remain too high for anything less. So leverage these basic insights on securing your business’s network and Cloud-based services from the scourge of cyber crime.

Protect Your Network Infrastructure and Corporate Data

You company must take the necessary steps to secure its technical infrastructure and databases. It becomes even more critical with remote working expanding your network perimeter, as noted earlier. Firewalls, data encryption, and improved employee cybersecurity awareness all remain important parts within any organization’s SecOps strategy. If using Cloud-based service providers, ensure they also offer state of the art cybersecurity protection.

Employee SecOps Awareness is Critical

As highlighted above, educating your employees on all aspects of cybersecurity remains crucial. This includes understanding how to create strong passwords and being able to recognize suspicious URLs and phishing emails. When remote working, provide best practices and training on how to secure home networks. Remember, expanded network perimeters make attractive targets for nefarious online criminals.

Develop Company Policies and Best Practices For Cybersecurity

Any best practices for protecting home networks makes up only one part of a business’s well-considered cybersecurity footprint. Include an MDM policy to control mobile devices accessing your network and Cloud services. Engage your SecOps team to develop procedures for handling security breaches and off-boarding employees, including securing all company equipment. Once the policies are developed, ensure all employees have access to them.

Help Employees Know The Difference Between Fake and Real Cyber Warnings

We already mentioned the importance of your employees being cyber aware, including the recognition of phishing emails and more. Additionally, they might receive official-looking emails and warnings related to antivirus or other cyber protection products. Ensure they know how to tell the difference between real and fake notifications. This becomes even more important when using their own home network and computer to access company technical resources.

Looking For Cybersecurity Talent?

Of course, a talented cybersecurity team also plays a critical role in protecting a business from cybercriminals. If you need an influx of SecOps talent, connect with the group at Redbud Cyber. One of the top cybersecurity staffing agencies in the business, we provide exceptional candidates to help your organization. Schedule a meeting with us at your earliest convenience.

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