The Right Tech and Systems For Protecting Against Cyberwarfare

With conflict becoming more commonplace across the world, expect an increase in cyberattacks from foreign nation-states. In this situation, a strong SecOps posture remains critical to protect your business’s technical assets and data. After all, these new forms of attacks target both government agencies as well as private businesses.

Having the right cybersecurity systems in place remains an important piece in the SecOps puzzle, especially during cyberwarfare. Here are some insights on what technology and policies your business needs to improve its cyber footprint. Leverage this advice to ensure your organization maintains its vigilance against foreign cyber threats, no matter their form.

Install Top-Shelf Systems to Protect Your Endpoints

The move to remote working greatly expanded network perimeters for most businesses. This diaspora makes it critical to protect every endpoint on your company’s network. Any connected devices in your business’s facilities and each employee’s home office need protection.

Obviously, increased adoption of the IoT also contributes to this risk factor. Strong endpoint systems protect your assets against cyberattacks from both nation-states as well as general cybercriminals. Consider adopting an Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) for the strongest cybersecurity approach.

Consider Using a Secure Data Storage Service Provider

Data security and privacy become especially crucial considering the vast array of threats during cyberwarfare. For this scenario, partnering with a secure data storage service provider provides vital protection for critical business data. Choose a provider known for leveraging a state of the art encryption methodology.

Encrypt Any Data Shared on The Internet

Speaking of data encryption, your organization also needs to leverage industry-best algorithms when interacting with business data. Foreign cybercriminals regularly try to steal business data. Any information transferred between employees and your business applications must be encrypted. Also consider adopting end-to-end data encryption in tandem with a VPN service to provide an extra layer of protection.

Enact Mutual Cybersecurity Policies With Your Business Partners

Of course, it’s an increasingly interconnected business community out there. Your company likely partners and shares data with a host of other companies. As such, they need to take a similar approach to SecOps as your business. When cyberwarfare rages, you need to craft mutual cybersecurity policies with your organization’s business partners.

Sharing your SecOps best practices with business partners makes perfect sense in this scenario. Additionally, ensure they take a similar approach to encryption with any data transferred between you and your partners.

Looking for tech talent?

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