Tips For Preparing Your Company For Cyberwarfare

A strong cybersecurity footprint requires your business to be prepared for all forms of attacks. Of course, the standard array of cybercriminals continue to exist, using ransomware and other modern techniques for unethical hacking. However, an increase in conflict across the globe also requires your organization to remain vigilant against cyberwarfare from nation-states.

Let’s take a high-level overview of how to prepare your business for the scourge of cyberwarfare from foreign entities. A changing world requires any company to adopt an evolving approach to its SecOps policies and procedures. Is your organization prepared to protect its digital assets from new types of cyberattacks? Check out these tips to strengthen your defense.

Follow the CISA Playbooks For Cyber Incident Response

As a reaction to the increase of cyberattacks from nation-states, the CISA published updated guidelines for cyber incident response. These playbooks provide a collection of best practices to prepare for and react to cyberwarfare incidents. While primarily written for federal agencies, the same SecOps concepts also apply to the private sector. In fact, the CISA strongly encourages businesses to adopt their standards.

Chris Hallenbeck, CISO for the Americas at Tanium, commented on the critical nature of protecting businesses against cyberwarfare. “Having a plan of any sort is better than no plan. Having a plan that is tailored to your operations and cultural approach is even better,” said Hallenbeck.

Proactively Hunt For Cyber Threats

Private businesses also need to take stay proactive when it comes to cyberwarfare protection. Part of this effort includes actively hunting for potential threats. Work with your cyber teams to look more deeply for unusual network activity and other anomalies. Ultimately, proactive threat hunting requires your SecOps professionals to think like a potential attacker. It remains a critical piece of any organization’s cybersecurity footprint.

Improve Your Business’s Cyber Hygiene

Any company’s cyber hygiene practice relates to how it handles certain SecOps functions. These include handling critical data, mobile device management, and securing remote endpoints. The latter task becomes even more important with network footprints expanded due to remote working. Proper cyber hygiene ultimately reduces your organization’s overall vulnerability to cyber threats.

Optimizing your business’s patch management procedures also boosts your cyber hygiene. Ultimately, your company needs to increase its vigilance, as cyberwarfare simply increases your chances of an attack. As a result, staying proactive becomes even more critical.

Looking for Cybersecurity Talent?

Of course, talented cybersecurity professionals remain vital in protecting your technical infrastructure against cyberwarfare. If you need an influx of cyber talent, connect with the team at Redbud Cyber. As one of the top SecOps staffing agencies in the country, we provide the experienced professionals you need. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your current hiring plans.

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