Dress For Success as a Remote SecOps Professional

As a cybersecurity professional, you likely saw an increase in remote working, especially in the wake of COVID-19. In fact, you also spend less on the typical business casual wardrobe popular since the last century. So working from home lets you arrive at “the office” in your pajamas. But is this the right approach for any professional?

Remember, regular communication over video conferencing remains a regular aspect of remote working. In this scenario, you need to at least dress in a presentable fashion. While the days of business formal attire are mostly over for remote workers, dressing for success is still important. Let’s take a closer look.

What to Wear as a Remote SecOps Professional

Your Audience Wants to See a Professional When Video Conferencing

A recent study by the Harvard Business Report queried respondents about their preferences for effective professional video conferencing. Their findings reveal most prefer a presentable background that looks attractive over video. At the same time, nearly half still care how other conference attendees are dressed. So leave your death metal T-shirt in the closet if you plan on communicating with clients and/or coworkers that day.

Note that the study also found a large majority are annoyed by fake video backgrounds. So keeping the surroundings neutral within your home office offers viewers a professional appearance.

Take the time to ensure your lighting and background look presentable when video conferencing. It’s also critical when interviewing with companies, or even if you perform tech interviews of candidates for your employer. You always want to give an excellent impression over video.

Dress For Success – Even When Remote Working

Ultimately, the best approach remains dressing for success even when remote working. As noted earlier, business casual remains a must on days when a video meeting with clients is on the docket. At the same time, take into account the preferences of your viewers as noted earlier. While neutral backgrounds matter more than your clothes, a presentable appearance remains vital.

The HBR study also found interesting responses to clothing choices for video conference attendees. 74 percent of respondents felt those wearing neutral clothing gave the impression of an expert. About half felt neutral wardrobe choices identified “trustworthy” and “authentic” professionals.

Needless to say, cybersecurity professionals want to be perceived as authentic trustworthy experts. Business casual attire provides this impression, according to the HBR. Keep this in mind during your next shopping trip for clothes.

Are You a Remote SecOps Professional?

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