The Top 4 Cybersecurity Trends of 2022

With 2022 already half over, your company needs to maintain its awareness of the current cybersecurity trends. After all, protecting your technical infrastructure and data from unethical hackers remains critical to keeping your business running smoothly. No company wants a hit to its operations or the bad publicity caused by a cyber-attack.

So let’s look more closely at a few of the most important SecOps trends for the current year. Use this information to ensure your organization boasts the right cybersecurity footprint to protect against these emerging cyber threats. In the end, it provides the peace of mind you need to focus on running a successful business.

What Cybersecurity Trends Are There to Watch Out For in 2022?

Remote Working Becomes The New Normal

The advent of remote working greatly expanded the network perimeters of most businesses. Now, employees working from home – and their WiFi networks – stand on the front lines of the cybersecurity war. Obviously, this creates a critical risk, with cybercriminals enjoying an increased number of targets for their nefarious activity.

To protect against this risk, have your SecOps team craft a list of best practices for protecting home networks. This includes creating strong passwords, understanding how to use a VPN, and how to recognize phishing emails.

Ransomware Attacks Continue to Increase

Unfortunately, the number of ransomware attacks also continues to trend upwards. News about private businesses and governmental agencies becoming victims of this threat remains a regular occurrence. Your company suffers an operational hit if your systems get locked, let alone the money spent paying a ransom. To help prevent the threat, raise employee awareness on the methodologies used by cybercriminals performing ransomware attacks.

Cloud Security Vulnerabilities Also Increase

Companies already invested in Cloud services found it easier to migrate to the remote working model due to COVID-19. Again, this is an area where cyber criminals enjoy an enhanced number of targets. In a similar manner as protecting your employees’ home networks, ensure your Cloud providers also boast a strong SecOps footprint.

Phishing Attacks Become More Sophisticated

As noted earlier, your employees need to understand how to recognize phishing emails. Unfortunately, this type of cyber threat is becoming more sophisticated. “Vishing” happens when cyber criminals pretend to be a CSR with the hope of stealing network or banking credentials. SIM jacking also takes a similar approach; trying to gain access to user data stored on their smartphone. Ensure your employees are aware of these new types of cyber threats.

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