Any Business Digital Transformation Must Prioritize SecOps

Companies in nearly all business sectors continue to benefit from transforming their operations by embracing all things digital. As a result, the improved operational efficiency leads to cost savings, increased revenue, and higher profits. However, these businesses must ensure their digital transformation results in no increase in their cybersecurity risk.

So let’s take a closer look at why any business’s move to digital also needs to focus on SecOps. After all, the improved efficiency and profitability go for naught when a business suffers a ransomware attack. Checking out this useful advice on prioritizing cybersecurity during a digital transformation keeps you prepared.

Why Any Digital Transformation Must Prioritize SecOps

The Digital Transformation Leads to More Data Breaches

It stands to reason that digitizing more corporate processes puts the resultant data at risk of cyber-attack. The statistics, unfortunately, prove this concept, with a 68 percent increase in data breaches in 2021. Similar boosts in the number of ransomware and phishing attacks reveal unethical hackers also enjoy the digital transformation concept. Simply put, they have a larger number of targets as a result.

These cybercriminals regularly use emails that mimic the digital signatures used in many eCommerce transactions. Companies looking to implement a digital transformation need to protect their employees and customers from this form of cybercrime.

Advanced Authentication Technology is a Must

In the end, embarking on a digital transformation requires embracing the state of the art in authentication tech. ID verification technology serves to ensure any digital signature is authentic and not one forged by a cybercriminal. In an increasingly connected world, preventing illicit access to important documents and data becomes vital. Advanced authentication technology remains a critical piece of this cybersecurity puzzle.

Provide Customers With a Seamless and Secure Digital Experience

Surprisingly, customers uncomfortable with conducting banking and other financial transactions online still exist. Your company needs to focus on providing a welcoming digital experience to these late adopters. Informed customer service reps combined with a strong cybersecurity footprint builds the necessary trust across your entire user community.

Always Follow The Latest Regulations on e-Signatures

The United States issued the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) over two decades ago. Embracing the move to digital requires businesses to adhere to the regulations detailed in the UETA. It also provides an extra layer of security to prevent unethical hackers from stealing e-Signatures and other private data.

Have You Prioritized SecOps?

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