The Top Cybersecurity Blogs to Follow in 2022

As a SecOps professional, the learning only stops when you finally reach the day of your retirement. The constantly evolving world of cybersecurity requires you to keep one step ahead of those unethical hackers. However, staying informed becomes easier when you regularly read the latest information in the field, including blogs.

With a goal of ensuring your SecOps knowledge stays current, check out this list of the top cybersecurity blogs. Use the information and insights within to keep your skills up to date and in demand throughout the industry. It’s the right approach for forging a lucrative career as an infosec engineer.

What Are The Best Cybersecurity Blogs to Follow This Year?

Zero-Day is ZDNet’s InfoSec Blog

One of the top cybersecurity blogs in the industry, the team at ZDNet publishes Zero Day. Expect timely information on the latest cyber threats and insights on current research efforts in the SecOps industry. It belongs on the reading list of anyone working in the field.

A Personal Take on the Cybersecurity World

If you want a take from someone working on the front lines of the cybersecurity wars, follow Graham Cluley. His blog includes the latest infosec news as well as personal insights into the industry. Also, consider subscribing to his newsletter on all things SecOps.

A Deep Journalistic View of Data Privacy and Information Security

Byron Acohido is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist known as a cybersecurity thought leader. His blog, The Last Watchdog on Privacy and Security, remains one of the most respected resources in the field. Read it regularly for deep insights on the world of information security.

Cybersecurity News With a Focus on Federal Policymaking

Governmental rules and regulations definitely influence the practice of cybersecurity. Inside Cybersecurity provides news and insights on the SecOps industry with a focus on the federal policies in this area. Note that this is a subscription-based service and a free trial is available if interested.

A SecOps Blog From a Respected Name in Technology

CNET boasts a reputation as a well-respected technology resource; one earned over the last few decades. They also publish a blog on cybersecurity topics useful for professionals in the field as well as end-users. Add it to your reading list, especially if your work focuses on consumer-related security and protecting customer data.

Have You Started Reading These Blogs?

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