Finding a SecOps Mentor For Your InfoSec Career

Forging a successful technology career becomes an easier process when you leverage the experienced insights of a mentor. This same rule also applies to building a lucrative career as a cybersecurity professional. Mentors provide advice on finding a new job, earning certifications, or even with a pressing technical problem.

With a goal of a long and successful career in InfoSec, heed this advice on finding a helpful mentor. These insights also help with building a robust professional network, something that also benefits your work life. Someday, return the favor and serve as a mentor to another emerging cybersecurity professional.

Why Having a SecOps Mentor Can Help Benefit Your Career

Build a Professional Network to Find a Mentor

As noted earlier, building a large professional network offers significant benefits to any SecOps pro. It serves as a source for career advice, job opportunities, and technical assistance. In fact, those are many of the same benefits of a mentor.

So when searching for a mentor, first look for someone already within your professional network. If you already made a connection, they likely understand some of your hopes and dreams for a cyber career. Ultimately, you want to first build a professional relationship with someone before asking them to mentor you. Then reach out to them to see if they want to help you over the long haul.

Consider Someone at Your Current Employer

Of course, consider your coworkers to be current members of your professional network. As such, someone already working with you on the SecOps team just might be your perfect mentor. So if you built a positive relationship with your manager or another senior professional, ask them to mentor you.

Having More Than One Mentor Remains a Valid Option

If your current boss is mentoring you, they aren’t the best person for insights about finding a new job. This scenario illustrates why having more than one mentor makes perfect sense. Additionally, whenever you need crucial advice, multiple points of view help you make the right decision. So consider asking someone outside your current employer to also serve as a mentor. Ask a former teacher or a senior-level SecOps pro from an old job to help with your career.

Return The Favor When Asked by a Younger Cyber Professional

As noted above, be open to mentorship if asked by a fellow SecOps professional just beginning their career. This lets you pay it forward in regard to the help you received when entering the cybersecurity field.

Have You Found a Mentor Yet?

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