Improving Cybersecurity in Third World Countries

As underserved regions across the globe gain access to the Internet, unfortunately, their risk of cyberattacks also increases. Because of this scenario, the United States and the European Union plan on boosting cybersecurity protection in developing countries. After all, a growing number of inexperienced web users makes attractive targets for unethical hackers.

So let’s take a closer look at these emerging cybersecurity planning efforts from the US and EU. If your company plans on marketing to the third world with its own SecOps services, new opportunities abound. Use this information as food for thought to help your organization’s planning process.

How Can Cybersecurity Be Improved in Third World Countries?

IT and SecOps Planning From The EU-US Trade Technology Council

These third-world cybersecurity plans grew out of meetings of the EU-US Trade Technology Council. While this group focuses on SecOps protection, other political concerns come into play. For example, some tech pundits predict a few of the subsequent policies might also target Chinese smartphone maker, Huawei.

An EU official from the council commented on their goals to the Wall Street Journal. “This is very much a question of defending democracy and defending people’s rights,” said the official. Ultimately, the council plans on providing funding for US and European-based companies to provide digital infrastructure to developing countries. It feels this strategy dissuades these emerging economies from choosing Chinese IT solutions.

Central and South America Targeted by Cyber Criminals

Over the last few years, Central and South American IT infrastructures increasingly became the target of cybercriminals. In many cases, these unethical hackers attack governmental services. The health ministry of Brazil and various Costa Rican government agencies provide some examples of victims of these cybercrimes.

The SolarWinds cyberattack of 2020 – allegedly committed by a Chinese group – initially raised the alarm for US-based cybersecurity organizations. The US government subsequently announced plans to involve allies in its SecOps-related projects. The EU-US Trade Technology Council ramped up their efforts in this area as a result.

The areas targeted by the Council for improved cybersecurity protection include Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Indo-Pacific. Laura Bate, a director for the US Cyberspace Solarium Commission, commented on the goals of this approach. “It’s one of these things that takes a whole community to really improve security for each individual actor, and the group as a whole,” said Bate.

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