What Are The Best Online Cybersecurity Resources?

A successful career as a SecOps professional requires you to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry. After all, new cyber threats appear on a regular basis, in addition to the methods for combating them. In the end, few companies want to employ a cybersecurity engineer with outdated skills and obsolete experience.

With a goal of keeping your cyber career on an upwards path, check out these top cybersecurity resources. Leverage the content on these websites and blogs to ensure your knowledge remains state of the art. Expect to continue in a lucrative and personally rewarding profession as a result.

Where Can You Find the Best Online Cybersecurity Resources?

The Axios Codebook is a Top Notch Cyber Newsletter

The Axios Codebook newsletter provides SecOps professionals with a great resource for staying connected to the practice of cybersecurity. Expect articles covering topics such as current strategies for fighting ransomware to combating cyberattacks from state-sponsored agents. Codebook typically gets published on a weekly basis, with each issue including a section detailing the latest cybersecurity news. As such, you need to make it a regular part of your professional reading list.

CSO Serves The Needs of Cybersecurity Leadership

Those working in a SecOps management role (or those that hope to someday) must check out CSO. This website covers topics of interest to cybersecurity leadership, including best practices for cyber, Cloud provider security features, and more. Some topics even broach practical concepts, like protecting printers on a network. In short, it offers a full range of articles of interest to any cyber professional.

Infosecurity Magazine Provides a View of All Things Information Security

Infosecurity Magazine offers professionals with a current view of SecOps news and deeper analysis of various topics. Expect at least a few cyber news articles each business day. Other content includes white papers on a variety of cybersecurity concepts. The website even hosts webinars on similar topics. A robust archive includes a host of previously published content, making it a valuable resource for any cyber professional.

MSSP Alert For Managed Security Service Providers

Cyber professionals working for a managed security service provider need to check out MSSP Alert. This website provides useful content for MSSPs and also other SecOps professionals. Expect current news, deeper articles, and podcasts hosted by those working in cybersecurity. It provides the material to stay abreast of the evolving MSSP industry.

Are You Reading Cybersecurity Resources?

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