From Mission Impossible to Possible – How to Locate Top Cybersecurity Professionals

Technology professionals experienced in cybersecurity remain the Holy Grail for many companies in today’s job market. The reasons for this high demand largely relate to the continued growth of the eCommerce economy. Frankly, innumerable financial transactions make for an attractive target to hackers and other cybercriminals.

If your company struggles to source and hire talented cybersecurity professionals, you aren’t alone. A rewarding effort requires planning, persistence, and the right connections in the industry. So let’s take a closer look at how to ensure your organization hires the talent it needs.

Why are Cyber Professionals Difficult to Source?

We previously noted the growth of eCommerce as a major driver in the demand for professionals experienced in cybersecurity. Mobile technology also contributes, considering the proliferation of devices able to be hacked. The IoT also plays a role, with offices and factories both increasing their number of Internet-connected devices. Of course, data privacy and government edicts to protect data matter as well.

The bottom line is simple. Your company needs a focused effort when sourcing cybersecurity talent. A two-pronged approach covering both your long-term and short-term needs is a wise strategy to implement.

Craft an Internship Program as a Source For Cybersecurity Talent

Developing an internship program with a local college or trade school provides one source of cybersecurity employees. Obviously, these won’t be experienced professionals when first beginning their internships. Upon their graduation date, however, your company can hire an IT pro with months of experience securing your technical infrastructure.

Over time, expect this program to become a valuable source for talent. It provides the means to meet your company’s long-term hiring needs in cybersecurity and potentially other technical disciplines.

Partner With an IT Staffing Agency Focused on Cybersecurity

Still, most companies don’t have three to five years to wait for their internship program to begin paying dividends. For your immediate cybersecurity hiring needs, consider forging a partnership with a technical staffing agency focused on this discipline. This approach provides a direct pipeline to experienced talent for your organization.

Looking for Top Cyber Talent? Get In Touch Today!

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