What Cybersecurity Talent Wants Most in a Job Offer

With the demand for SecOps professionals at an all-time high, companies struggle to hire these talented candidates. After all, the competition remains fierce, which brings the traditional economic rules of supply and demand to the fore. In short, your organization must give candidates significant offers, obviously including a generous salary.

Benefits also matter, including the ability to work remotely and flexibility when it comes to scheduling. With an eye towards helping your company make a successful hire, let’s analyze today’s typical cybersecurity job offer. Leverage this information to prevent a SecOps skills gap from increasing the vulnerability of your technical infrastructure.

Expect to Offer a Significantly Higher Salary

Needless to say, cybersecurity pros understand the current high demand for their services. Because of this, you need to offer a large annual salary when making a job offer – one that exceeds the average for your region. This rule applies to both an annual salary for permanent positions, and the hourly rate for contract offers.

Depending on your organization, consider stock options and a generous bonus structure to sweeten the deal. Remember, hiring in-demand IT professionals requires this approach for the best chance at getting them to accept.

Consider Offering These Other Perks

The best cybersecurity professionals typically want other benefits as part of any job offer. While remote working is becoming a new normal, still include a formal policy in your offer. Flexible schedules are also important as IT professionals want to balance their personal and professional lives.

Career development opportunities are critical. So it helps if your company boasts a culture known for developing professionals. These cultures typically include a robust training program and tuition reimbursement. Requiring employees to stay with your company for a period after receiving tuition benefits also improves your retention rate.

Company Culture Also Matters When Hiring the Best

Ultimately, your company culture plays a big role in successfully hiring cybersecurity talent. We already talked about culture as it relates to professional development. Additionally, companies known for doing innovative work and championing open communications find it easier to make that final hire.

Your company website and social media activity also serves to highlight its internal culture. These factors all play an important role in hiring and retaining talented SecOps professionals.

If your organization finds it hard to source cybersecurity talent, speak with the team at Redbud Cyber. As one of the top SecOps staffing agencies in the country, we provide great candidates able to make a positive impact for you. Schedule a meeting with us as soon as possible!

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