Career Forecast 2022: These Are The Cybersecurity Skills That Increase Salaries

There’s no denying the current technology job market favors the candidates. With cybersecurity professionals in demand throughout the industry, expect higher pay and copious opportunities as a result. In fact, many current companies are simply unable to find the SecOps talent they need.

Whether you are a current cyber professional or interested in entering this lucrative field, understanding the hottest skills helps. With that in mind, here is a list of the highest paying SecOps skills in the industry. Use this information to get training and experience to protect a business’s technical assets against the scourge of cybercrime.

The Demand For These SecOps Skills Continue to Increase

Experience with certain cybersecurity skills sets you apart from other SecOps candidates. A recent study highlighted the skills forecast to increase in demand the most over the next few years. Application development security, Cloud security, and risk management ranked as the top three skills on this list.

The study predicts the demand for application development security skills to increase by 164 percent through 2025. Expect to earn a salary higher by nearly $13,000 per year if you possess this skill. The demand for Cloud security skills also shows a 115 percent increase. The annual salary premium of over $15,000 ranked highest in the study. Finally, the study forecast an increase in the demand for risk management skills of 60 percent. This includes an annual salary boost of over $13,000.

Other cybersecurity skills companies increasingly need include threat intelligence, incident response, as well as compliance and controls. If you boast experience in any of these areas, be sure to highlight that fact on your résumé. Remember, hiring managers use these search terms to find qualified candidates. Putting the hottest keywords on your online résumé and LinkedIn profile helps you get discovered!

The Cybersecurity Positions Putting These Skills to Use

You probably wonder what SecOps job roles give you the opportunity to gain experience in these in-demand skills? Cybersecurity Engineer and Cybersecurity Consultant provide broad levels of experience, especially in Cloud security and application development security. Related to the Cloud, gaining experience in specific platforms, like AWS and Azure, adds depth to your résumé.

Additionally, expect the demand for experience in DevSecOps to greatly increase over the next few years. Speak with your cybersecurity recruiter for additional insights into the SecOps skills companies want.

Searching for a New Cybersecurity Opportunity?

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