How to Find The Best Cyber Talent When You Need It

The demand for experienced cybersecurity professionals remains higher than ever. The reasons for this acute need include the transition to remote working and an increased use of Cloud-based services. Companies must make a focused effort to source the talented SecOps pros able to protect their organization’s technical assets.

So let’s offer a few strategies on finding the cyber talent your company desperately needs. Remember, it’s also a highly competitive job market as other companies also strive to recruit top-shelf cyber professionals. In the end, a thorough staffing approach and strong job offers help your organization hire the necessary SecOps talent.

Identifying The Top Sources For Cybersecurity Talent

A recent survey of SecOps professionals covered a range of topics, including the most popular sources for cybersecurity talent. Notably, recent university graduates ranked as the top source; mentioned by nearly one-third of respondents. This highlights the difficulty finding experienced professionals, as companies now turn to those new to the field. It also relates to the fact that cybersecurity educational programs continue to grow in popularity.

Consultants and contractors ranked right below new graduates; noted by 31 percent of the survey respondents. Given the desperate need to fill a SecOps skills gap, companies turn to contract-based talent as a result. They also offer the benefit of providing your employees experience working side-by-side with a cyber professional with hands-on knowledge. Again, it’s a great strategy for closing any skills gap.

Other notable sources include retraining current IT employees, security vendors, and organizations within the same industry sector. All told, this variety of sources highlights the current difficult environment for successfully recruiting experienced cybersecurity engineers.

Sources of Cybersecurity Talent Vary by Region

Notably, the survey highlighted the fact companies located in North America and Europe rank contractors as their top source. On the other hand, businesses located in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region tend to recruit from universities and educational institutions. So partnering with a staffing agency specializing in SecOps contractors and consultants likely makes perfect sense for your organization.

A top cybersecurity employment firm in the region, Redbud Cyber provides a critical source for SecOps talent. We offer the talented and experienced cybersecurity consultants to quickly fill a skills gap on your staff. It’s a cost effective strategy helping your company protect its technical infrastructure.

Looking For Cybersecurity Professionals?

Once again, a proactive approach to recruiting cybersecurity professionals becomes critical in a tight job market. Don’t let those cybercriminals steal your customer data and post it on the Dark Web. Connect with us to discuss your organization’s specific SecOps staffing needs.

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